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Adobe Color

Adobe Color – A little help with compositional colour harmony

A great free colour tool from Adobe

If you want to fine tune your colour harmonies then it is worth looking at the use of Adobe Color.

You can upload an image and then analyse the colours and consider changes, within Photoshop or Lightroom, to the image to help bring a closer harmony of colours to the overall composition.  This will help to balance (or imbalance!) the image and take the tones within the image to where you need them to be to achieve this.

The Colour Wheel

Switching from the image to the colour wheel will give you RGB & Hex values of the tones and help you to move any colours you need to change the harmony.

Consider the Preset Harmonies

You can also just use the preset standard colour wheel sets to help you look at introducing a colour change within the image, such as complimentary or analogous.

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