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Amsterdam Street Photography

Amsterdam Street Photography – Trams & Buses

One of my favourite street photography shots from Amsterdam here. I have to say also one of my favourite photographs of the year. One I think Elliott Erwitt would have been happy with 🙂

Amsterdam Street Photography 1
Amsterdam Street Photography 1

I got on the tram in Amsterdam and had a look down the tram. I saw this lady and managed to get a seat opposite her.

FujiFILM X Pro 2

Set my Fuji X pro 2 for the correct exposure inside with a couple of test shots from my knee. Then set manual focus so all I had to worry about was framing and reaction. Using the electronic shutter for silence and the rear screen, I just kept shooting as needed with the X Pro on my knee. From several shots I managed to get this one. I was lucky that the lady decided to put her ticket in her mouth, like a dog with a bone (not sure why?). Then both her and her dog turned to look in the same direction.

Shooting from the hip (knee!) always helps to isolate the subject in street work. The trusty Fujifilm XF23mm (35mm FF) allowed me to keep close but fill the frame with minimum crop. Not at any point was the lady (or the dog) aware I was shooting.

Elliott Erwitt

Small dogs and the owners can make great subject matter. Do check out Elliott Erwitts ‘Dogs’ series of street photography. This subject matter is all around us and it seems the smaller or larger the dog (extremes) the better the subject matter!

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