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Brutalism 2 Post Production

Hi All

This post is really aimed at the photographers from the Brutalism 2 workshop but may still be of general interest.

A few techniques etc. from discussions on the day. Except for removing the crowd image, all were adjusted in Adobe Camera Raw, not Photoshop, so Lightroom also applies:

Jpgs vs Raw
Left is jpg SOC (Straight Out of Camera).
Middle shows -5 exposure & -100 highlight recovery which produces grey whites with no detail, so totally unrecoverable.
Right shows the raw version of the same left jpg with Exposure -1.25 & highlights -100. Dodging of shadows/mid-tones with adjustment brush.
Adobe Camera Raw without using layers:
One for Darren, looking for exposing for highlights in areas of shadow and making the shadows deeper in post production.
Adobe Camera Raw without using layers:
Identifying smaller compositions: detail areas, lighting & small colour variations that can be enhanced in post production.
Looking for light & shadow
RHS original.
LHS crowd & lamps removed.
Additional ceiling downlighters added/cloned.
Extensive work in Photoshop Layers/Masks/Cloning
Original detail of crowd & lamps
Extensive work in Photoshop Layers/Masks/Cloning
Adobe Camera Raw without using layers:
Pulling detail out of shadows in post production.
Dodging using the adjustment brush.
LHS Jpg SOC – RHS Raw file dodged & burned
Adobe Camera Raw without using layers:
LHS: New texture slider used with the adjustment brush on the graffiti. Adjustment brush on tower with extra vibrance slider
RHS: Colour Pop using adjustment brush and negative saturation slider. Then adjustment brush on graffiti for texture and vibrance.
Adobe Camera Raw without using layers:
B&W with negative blue adjustment
Radial filter for highlights ( a quick way rather than cutting out elements separately)
Adjustment brush to dodge wall
Original JPG SOC
One for Stephen Day 2
Getting a natural starburst. Peeking the sun just past the edge of a building at small a aperture. Make sure you have no dust on the front lens or filter. Highlights on the right are from dust on the front element, not natural flare!
One for Barry Day 2
Following our chat on the Golden Ratio.
One for Stuart on Day 2
Stuart spent some really useful time in this ‘nasty’ spot as we discussed light, angles and balance. A really difficult spot to get a workable composition. Several shots taken as we explored (sketched) the elements. Here is a shot I took in colour. A B&W is below but the colour version does seem to work better. Does it need a dab of colour on the RHS?? See below
Does the colour on the step help?
Or a false window high right?
Replacement Sky without a 10xND
Original – Selected Sky – Sky behind cut out architecture – Motion blur added to sky.

I mostly replace my skys. I can get the correct sky. Place it where I want it. Change the density. Add just the right amount of blur.
Have the wind direction of blur go in the direction I want for the image.
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