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Amy Preview – Interfit F5 Lighting Kit

A few quick shots from this weeks Interfit F5 Lighting Model Shoot with the lovely Amy 

An impressive first day with the Interfit F5 Kit (plus a boom arm). The F5 units are daylight balanced allowing easy metering in-camera and provide VERY precise modelling of shadows. A great learning tool on the day for the delegates. Power was very impressive for fluorescents and lighting rations worked well between the two units. We also tried a large Octabox on one unit that pushed out even more light and allowed good full length work plus a fill/rim light from the other unit.


The units were so impressive as a learning tool I will probably use them for all studio training work in the future. They show exactly what you are teaching with light in such a clear defined way which does not come across with modelling lights on regular studio strobes.

Many thanks to the photographers who attended, a really enjoyable day showing the capabilities of the Interfit F5 lighting kit. Thank you to Interfit for suppling these units.

We have another day booked in April, now full 🙁 However, I will be running another in the early Autumn.

Special thanks to Amy who was fabulous and did an amazing job for her first time.
Enjoy the pix. More to follow 🙂


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