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Interfit F5 Lighting Kit

Interfit F5 Two-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit – Arrived Today


The INTERFIT F5 Fluorescents arrived and I thought I would do a very quick test in the studio as we had some tulips in the house 🙂
Many thanks to Interfit UK for sponsoring the workshops with their lighting. The kit retails at £149.99! – Discount available on my workshops. A great way to get started in studio work.

Set up was around 30-40 mins from unboxing. The kit is very simple to use with three switches on each unit giving you options of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lamps on for each unit.

interfit f5 kit
Ready to start work – this is with just ‘one’ of the ten lamps on.
Colour and lighting was extremely accurate and capture was just as the scene looked.
This shot on my Huawei P20 Pro.

I jumped in the studio for a quick 30 mins before dinner just to try a couple of shots. These images are straight out of camera with no adjustments to exposure, density or colour!

I have to say the light was very soft considering the volume of lamps behind the soft boxes!

The F5 units are daylight balanced allowing easy metering in-camera and provide VERY precise modelling of shadows.

Camera – Fujifilm X Pro 2 – Olympus Legacy Lens OM 50mm f/1.8 on a Gobe adapter.

  • The first shot:
    • One lamp on
    • ISO 200
    • f/4
    • 1/15sec
  • The second shot:
    • RHS – 5 lamps on
    • LHS – 2 lamps – shadow fill & feathered
    • ISO 200
    • f/11
    • 1/125sec

The Interfit F5 kit will be one of the set ups for my still life workshop later this month (full), followed by another March date (full) working fully with the F5 kit and model Amy. I will be setting another date in April with the F5 kit & Amy, as I have a waiting list of 8 photographers. Potentially this means it is full too but I may have one or two places for this depending on date and photographers commitments for the new date. This should follow next week.

Enjoy the pix: Shot within 20 mins, including deciding on the background colour and tulip placement, it was very fast to use the lights and get the shot. Seeing what you record is extremely accurate. The first picture was the very first shot, then three more at different apertures, followed by a last shot at f/11 with a second fill light from the F5 kit.

SOC – No adjustments apart from cloning leaf mark
SOC – No adjustments apart from cloning leaf mark.
I could end using these more than my Bowens or Dedo lights!
100% Crop Detail – Beautiful soft lighting from the units.
Not bad for a £15 legacy lens!
Amy – Another date being set in April

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