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Legacy Lens Workshop

Legacy Lens Workshops – London

Legacy lens workshops are now underway in London. Primarily for the Brick Lane & Covent Garden street areas.

Second Date 19th February 2019 – Some places still available

legacy lens workshop

Discover Old Skills

Using legacy lenses opens up a new dimension of skills in your photography. Manual focusing and manual exposure encourage you to slow down and think about the subject matter and how you want to portray the image. Think ‘more in camera than Photoshop’.

Hone Your Depth of Field Skills

Above all it will hone your depth of field skills and where you want the depth of focus to be within the picture. Spending a few hours shooting wide open is a great place to explore. Critical focus is essential and assessing the blur both in front and behind the subject matter becomes a pleasurable chore. Wide open apertures in the Helios Lenses can produce some interesting effects that don’t occur on modern lenses. On some of the poorer quality lenses the flare, halation and colour shifts can be used to completely change the dynamics of a scene.

f/1.8 Portrait Lens for £15?

You can purchase some high quality legacy glass for amazing prices if you look hard enough. My 50mm Zuiko f/1.8 (£15) on the Fuji becomes an 80 mm fast portrait lens at the fraction of the cost of my 56mm Fuji XF. Quality is superb and beautiful separation of the subject can be achieved… all at £15!

On each workshop I supply a large range of lenses for you to try throughout the day. Also Gobe adapters are supplied for your make of camera. Gobe adapters come with a lifetime warranty & I have a 20% discount code available from Gobe for your first purchase.

Olympus Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 – ISO/12,800 ! – 1/250 – f/4 – Fujifilm X Pro 2

legacy lenses fuji x olympus 24mm f2.8

Helios 44M 58mm f/2 – ISO/800 – 1/500 – f/2 – Fujifilm X Pro 2

legacy lenses fuji x helios 44

Legacy Lens Workshops in London. Subscribe for early bookings.
First Date FULL
Second Date 19th February 2019 – Some places still available

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