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Manual Exposure Workshop – London

Manual Exposure Workshop – London

We’re back and now fourth workshop in for June and post lockdowns, after over a year 🙂

A few pix I managed to get in between tutoring on the day. Many thanks to those who came on both days.

After a  long pre-brief on manual exposure, it was a very short walk into the City.

All shot on the Fujifilm X100F.

A backlit Gherkin as the sun came out enhanced to get a crystal feel to the windows.

A lovely young lady came by doing Selfie’s and she agreed to pose for us:

A piece of street art in a pool of light was the next task, the sun came out and transformed the shot so we took a close-up although the plan was for a longer shot – see next.

The long shot to include foreground shade & detail but keep the street art correctly exposed:

An interesting window looking at exposing for white. This shot inspired by one sent from last weeks group – Thanks Mike 😉

Finishing on the bank of the Thames, walking back to Bishopsgate, these ladies stopped next to us and were in party mood!

Continuing back and the party theme, a trailer being pulled by a group of guys in Bishopesgate were also in the party mood!

A couple here from the previous week – The Shard from the north bank demo of HDR – Vid to follow:

And finally, a look back at the Shard, from a more unusual spot,  as we moved off back to Bishopsgate:

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