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Try going mirrorless for £140

Mirrorless for £140 or less!

If you have not dared to go mirrorless as yet and are worried about re-investment of your current gear this blog may just be an option for you.

Here is a great option to see how you feel about going over to mirrorless. Also if you still have some old film lenses kicking around in a cupboard, it could work out even cheaper.

Try secondhand using legacy lenses with an adapter. At the moment you can buy a secondhand Fujifilm X-E1 body for around £125, still a great little camera at 16MP that can produce quality images. If you have any legacy lenses from the old days they a £16 adapter gets them on this camera. If it does not work for you then resell the camera and you should lose very little.

If you do not have older lenses then pick one up for around £15, or even cheaper (see below) in a secondhand shop and try shooting with focus peaking to assist with manual focusing. Many of us on mirrorless use this with our autofocus lenses as well. A great way to slow down and fine tune critical depth of field.

fuji x-e1

The Fujifilm X-E1: 16MP, EVF and interchangeable lens options. Don’t spend hundreds on a Fuji lenses when you can try with legacy glass for much less.

You may want a new faster lens? This 50mm 1.8 gives you a fast portrait lens for little money!!!!! Not as clinical as modern lenses, a good thing for many portraits, but tack sharp at f8! I got good one from a hospice for £15.
Cheaper than £650 for a secondhand Fuji 56mm 1.2!

If all fails for you, then resell the equipment with probably very little loss.

lens adapter
An adapter opens up some fab lenses at crazy prices

Want to try for £0!!!!
Borrow my X-E1 with a lens for the day on one of my Group or One2One training days. Subscribe below to get info straight to your mailbox.
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