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Nifty Fifty (50mm) – The Goldilocks Lens

The Nifty Fifty

(also the 35mm APSC & 25mm M4/3)


You often see ten reasons why to buy a 50mm prime, so here is my take but with…
TWENTY reasons:

  1. Great Value! … but…
  2. …Prime Quality – it may be your sharpest lens.
  3. Small.
  4. Light.
  5. Wide Aperture.
  6. Low Light Work.
  7. Minimum Depth of Field (separation).
  8. Little Distortion.
  9. Versatile.
  10. Improves Your Photography (thinking, less zooming).
  11. Slows you down.
  12. Good for Travelling: travel portraits and landscapes in high quality and also shooting interiors or at night on your travels.
  13. Macro (Go beyond 1:1 by buying a Cheap Reversing Ring).
  14. Normal View, Similar to your eyes field of view.
  15. GigaPixel Images – With less distortion it is easier to stitch multiple views from a single scene together for ultra high definition images.
  16. Landscapes – A mid range Landscape is superb with a 50mm. Plus, Panoramas (stitch three together in Lightroom or PSCC for a panoramic landscape).
  17. Portraits, treat it as a short portrait lens. Great for half and full length portraits with shallow depth of field.
  18. Street Photography. Many street photographers favour the 50mm lens. Henri Cartier-Bresson, master of street photography used a 50mm prime lens a lot of the time.
  19. Still Life: Works as a great quality tabletop still life option.
  20. Architecture… Architecture is not just about the whole building, if you want to get in and show high quality detailed areas then a 50mm prime will show this at its best.

Whats in my bag when I go out on a job?
FF equivalents of the 50mm, 35mm, 90mm, 14mm & 8mm. Also a lonely 24-70mm which usually stays in the bag.

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