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2.39:1 Format – Olympus 24mm Legacy Lens

Playing Around in One of the Cinema Formats

A few shots from yesterday.
I was booked for a One2One Soho Neons training session yesterday and decided to go up earlier and try shooting in one of the cinema widescreen formats, 2.39:1.

An interesting time working around the city in such a restricted box that proved to be a challenge and great fun.

The change of format makes you think very differently and how to use the space.

I taped off the rear screen to get the correct format and shot without the viewfinder and mostly on zone focusing, looking at the back screen.

Olympus Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 was used on a Gobe adapter.

legacy lenses
legacy lenses
legacy lenses

A little extra for Helios fans now. I was explaining bringing two images together later in the evening in Soho and got this amazing flare!!!
I did not fully notice it at the time as I was talking on how to shoot manual HDR at extremes, handheld. I did notice the colour of the flare coming through, which I encouraged.

HOWEVER… Back in Photoshop the flare was actually coming through with the shapes of the neons mirrored. The Helios lens flare has just gone up a few notches in my book. Take a look at the photo, it is genuine flare from the exposure, I have just enhanced the contrast & saturation!

Helios 44-2 – Natural flare at the bottom with increased contrast & saturation


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