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Olympus T20 & T32 Legacy Flash

Olympus Legacy Flash Out to Play

Some shots of some new, err, old, kit.

With the great retro look of Syd (he’s from Sydney) I wanted something more retro for off-camera flash. I decided in some Legacy Olympus heads as the trigger voltages are low (Fuji can handle up to 300 volts) and look the part (shame they are not clad in brown leather though 🙁

I went with a T20 (£3) just for when I needed a bit more than the cameras flash. Also the T32 (£7) to take out with me as an in-hand flash for more complex work on the streets and walks.
The T32 packs a punch with a real guide number at 32, without internal lenses inflating the numbers. It also has bounce up and down.

Thyristor Circuitry:

Thyristor Circuitry is old school but alway used to work extremely well. It still does today. I am getting consistent results, but with my Fuji I need to open up one stop on the aperture or just add one stop to the ISO (ASA on the flash). Once set, very consistent. If you are happy with manual flash then this is even better. At 200 ISO you are looking at 20 meters at f/1.4! It can be too powerful but the internal 3x ND filter in Syd (when he wants to be dim!) adds more options at close range.

Leaf Shutter

Syd comes with a leaf shutter – THAT’S WHY HE LIVES IN A TREE – This allows hi-speed sync without loss of power ratios on the flash, a huge benefit in bright daylight. In real terms it is not hi-speed sync, there is no sync. You just use the flash as normal. Syd is the high speed without the flash, all the others are slow!

A few pix below including some bluebells shot with fill flash.

Syd pretending to be a leaf (shutter) with the T20
T32 – Old Fashioned Power
Some delicate fill flash in a shady wood X100F & Olympus T20 (in-hand)
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