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PermaJet FB Pearl 300

PermaJet FB Pearl 300


Thats right, don’t get confused with Smooth Pearl, my favourite paper in my business side of work for regular prints and amazing value.

FB Pearl is the new addition to the Baryta range from Permajet.

I have run some tests through on the CIS system and prints have come out beautifully on this FB Baryta Permajet paper, with the addition of that lovely weight and a great texture to the print surface. In particular skin tones were wonderful and for me a hard choice between this and FB Gold Silk. If you prefer a more neutral base colour in your Baryta paper then this may be the paper for you.

FB Pearl is now available in the Test Pack 2 which I usually have with me. If I am giving a talk or Judging at your club over the coming months ask me to show you the paper. If you are attending one of my workshops over the summer I will also have some samples.

Picture from my P20 Pro Camera of some of my prints.

Some Info from the Permajet Website:

Don’t Take My Word For It!

Take a look at the full review in Photography News on this LINK

Photography News Verdict

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