Art Deco London

Art Deco London

A lovely day with a group of photographers from Eastbourne on Saturday photographing some of London’s iconic Art Deco architecture.

As promised I have posted some images below. As usual, I am more involved in support than shooting so I tasked myself with just using the Fuji X100F and one shot from some of the locations.

I have also included sample shots where I discussed different options with some photographers and shown the results here.

After some pasta and beer, I did not go straight home but walked down Victoria Street in the evening and shot a few bits on the way, so have added these too.

A Mark Rothko take of Sheila’s ‘windows’ shot of the brickwork. High saturation and contrast was used then rotated and blurred.
The underpass (not Art Deco!). I toned it with blue to compliment the orange.
Underpass 2: Used HSL adjustments to take the orange to black for a mono. Dodging requires more work though!
Sample of shooting bracketed, hand-held and combining in PS for HDR.
One member was shooting these windows. I shot this sample to show my cropping using the blue section. Perspective corrected.
My doubling up & flip of the double window shot Sheila discussed with me. Original sky kept but cut, stretched and blurred behind the architecture.
Bracketed & HDR. Text cloned out with Patch Tool. Flipped.

My pix from Victoria Street on the way home:

The sky was gorgeous as I left, which is what persuaded me to take the walk down Victoria Street.
Backlit ballerina at the Palace.
A sad shot that could have been in a quiet spot of a third world country. It was busy Victoria Street. A pair of new (purple) shoes in hand for this redhead, life is far from glamorous, glamour is far from life. Stressed B&W seemed to suit.
When you do not have a wide-angle. I did not think this would work but it did! See result below.
Adobe Camera Raw did a fair job of this vertical five part stitch. My favourite London Cathedral. I need to shoot again with a tripod and wider lens though.
Street Photography – Luck and Observation Rules
Through the window of Leon – Victoria Street
My fav shot of the day (night)
Building works on the ‘old’ New Scotland Yard site.

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