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Photoshop Layers & Masks – Training Day

A Definitive Guide to Layers & Masks in Photoshop

New Date Added 2nd June 2019

Sunday 2nd June 2019 – 10am-4pm
Aldham Village Hall
West Colchester.

Layers & masks are some of the most confusing areas for photographers in Photoshop.

However they are also powerful tools.

I still get comments from people on the confusion of these techniques when having to dip into Photoshop for this.

For the last six months I have been developing some simple Technique Sheets for different areas within layers & masks.
I have now put this together to help assist all of you who still get confused from time to time on this.
No Laptops or Note Taking Required!

Working on a laptop means at times delegates get lost on walkthroughs. Taking heavy notes means again losing parts of the notes, or trying to understand your scribbles once home, only to find you may have missed something.
photoshop layers
The day will consist of various examples talked through and backed up by my Technique Sheets.

We will start simple and work through adding to the examples throughout the day.

Example Content

Layers Explained
Blending Modes
Drag & Drop Layers
Duplicating Layers
Flipping Layers
Moving Layers
Aligning Layers
Simple Layer Masks
Selective Sharpening
Selective Colour
Dodging & Burning
Pen Tool Selections
Feathering Selection
Transforming Layers within Masks
Brushing Masks
Layer Mask Cloning
Plus more if time allows

All of the above supported by my Technique Sheets.

£45 if you have booked me before

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