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Soho Neons – London x2

Soho Neons – London x2

Many thanks to the photographers who attended the last two Saturdays Soho Neons Trips. Very interesting photo event where people were surprised by the amount of light during the hours of darkness. Some exposures up to 1/2000 for some neons.


As usual on my group trips I usually do not get much at all as I am there to help. On the first Saturday I did shoot an HDR to explain how hand held can work and use this to increase the tonal range at night. Below is the HDR then the settings. I always allow Lightroom or ACR to adjust the settings on auto and then tweak and dodge & burn as necessary:

HDR Colour – From 4 images
HDR Final Tweaks

I did get this shot on the tube, shooting from the hip, on manual focus with the Helios 44-2 at f/2 on my Fuji 🙂

Love in a Tube

On our Saturday in Soho this weekend I did get one shot for myself! Hooray! But first another sample of HDR. This time showing Martin L. an option on shooting an interior and then exposing a second shot for the neons. Then just bringing the two together in ACR/Lightroom HDR. The two images were quite out of sync but Adobe did a good job:

HDR – Combined Images
First Image – Interior
Second Image – Neons Correctly Exposed

And finally the one image I took on the second trip. Squashed up against the opposite building as I only had the Helios 44-2 58mm lens with me, so this equated to an 85mm FF.
This is how the fab Expresso Bar looked ten minutes before the crowds.

The planets sometimes come into alignment for you on street work…the three on the right look like the three wise monkeys, then a new monkey on the left. Hence my title! I deliberately kept the image low key for the neons and feel for a late night bar. Study the monkeys 🙂

The Fourth Wise Monkey – Text No Evil

I already have 6 on the waiting list for my next one but this will have to wait for the autumn now. I will be arranging at least two Soho Neons in the autumn so watch out for these.

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