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Street Photography San Fransisco Tram

More street photography from trams. This time from San Fransisco last year.

West Coast Locals

Of these two, my favourite is the lady, worked to high contrast to compliment her skin tones and emphasise her with her surroundings. However I love the guy as he looks like an old time surf dude that has still not given up. Both, for me, sum up local people on trams on the US west coast.

street photography street photography

From the Hip

Both were shot from the hip while standing, on silent mode. 1/125 at 1.4 on the Fujifilm 35mm 1.4.
ISO was 200 but I added the grain in post production. Why not go with a higher ISO? I wanted to shoot wide open to get the narrowest depth of field at 1.4. I lost more shots on 1.4 but took enough to get some keepers. I also don’t mind a little out of focus or blur if it happens as it can be reminiscent of film street photography and also enhances that ‘street feel’.

Angles & Backgrounds

I kept the angles as again it produces the street feel. So called intrusive(?) backgrounds or edges, for me, again add the street photography feel to the images. Street photography is not always about clean images but the essence of the place around the people.

Fujifilm X Pro 2 – 1/125 at 1.4 on the Fujifilm 35mm f:1.4

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