Southwark  Street Photography

Southwark Street Photography

Southwark Street Photography – Light & Dark

I was in Southwark last month to view the PAGM Masters of Print exhibition street. Just a stones throw from the venue was a wonderful dark spot, rain helped, under a bridge. Time for some Southwark street photography as my camera was, as always, over my shoulder. I took several shots and then this lady came along with the yellow jacket and red shoes. Complimenting the golden interior and the red barbers sign, I did not stop to thank her!

I was dodging the traffic as the correct framing was halfway across the road. Several trips back and forth, looking like a confused chicken I got my shots without a RTA call, although a couple of horns came through, complementing me on my chicken run?

Fujifilm X Pro 2 – 1/125, f/2, ISO/400 – Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2

Southwark street photography
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Wonderful Light Down the Road

Heading back to the tube station the sun suddenly appeared and produced some lovely light with the Shard in the background. A wonderful building wrap also produced an unusual reflection from opposing buildings. On top of this was the cool retro Gin advertisement to just add another point of emphasise in the composition and hold in the right hand side. Unfortunately for me the spot I wanted was in the road again, so it was back to dodging traffic. I wonder if you can upload a chicken clucking as a digital shutter noise!

Fujifilm X Pro 2 – 1/500, f/10, ISO/200 – Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2

Southwark street photography

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