Street Photography, Clacton Streets

Street Photography, Clacton Streets

Street Photography Clacton, a day at the seaside!

Street Photography Clacton is not really about a day at the seaside! It does offer up to street photographers a wondrous back-cloth of social documentary photography on what has happened to many of our coastal resorts in the last 50 years 🙁


I did not go to record the best parts of the town. Let’s face it, there are opportunities to see happy family’s on the beach (on a sunny day!) enjoying themselves and taking in sun, sea and sand. However I wanted to show aa typical view of our East coast towns where there has been little investment to help attract wealth into the area. This is a shame. Could it be, with good investment, that our ‘Seaside Towns’ could return to a golden age?

The first three shots are all shot from the hip. Mid summer, raining with odd breaks in the rain, drying up quickly because of the howling wind!

You do see a police presence around and my favourite is the shot I have called, The Forum, Clacton. It does show how the police do try and interact with ‘locals’ and provide ‘presence’. I may have been partially ‘clocked’ by one of the officers, but was not approached and things carried on as before. I loved the lady ‘lighting up’ on the right and the man looking at the scene as he was passing on the right.

The Great British Seaside

The second shot shows how the arcades ply on those who need to be tempted with free cash withdrawals to throw the money into their own machines. Alongside a couple passing in regular July attire for the British seaside, fighting the weather and the arcade vendors.

The third shot needs no commentary, I see droves of people flocking to Sports Direct from it 🙂

The last batch of images is really recording the parts of the town that most will want to close their eyes against. For local councils to gloss over, yes but we are investing £xxxx. Is it showing? It does not seem to be working 🙁

The Bookies Always Win

Between the Fish Bar and the Bookies, the Fish Bar falls and The Bookies Always Win.

The Palm Gym, offering a tropical paradise of fitness, dropped into a backend courtyard of drunks and who knows what else from what decorates the entrance.

A Glimmer of Hope

Lacy’s Bridal Boutique offers a glimmer of hope, are those white doves behind the broken windows. As does the last shot in the sequence, A Better Life, look closely at the NHS shop that offers ‘Better Life’ in the display text of the window.


The Forum, Clacton


The Bookies Always Win

Tropical Paradise

A Better Life

Street photography does not have to be about people. A social documentary message can be gleaned just from the streets themselves. It may not always be a popular message but it is still important.

Clacton does offer some goodness in the world, check out this link.

All images shot on the Fuji X Pro 2

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