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Youtube Channel – Help For You Free

Youtube Channel – Help for you Free

I have been so busy with the new YouTube channel that I have neglected to blog!

So more on the channel!

My Channel


Many thanks for those who have signed up, currently at 197. That’s a 999% increase on where I started!

Plus 142 hours of viewing time.

Incredibly 1.9K views in the month so an amazing start to the channel.

If anyone has any requests I am more than happy to look at these for you all.

My plan is to post a new video every couple of weeks and hopefully more during the continued lockdown.

Getting used to video, sound, editing and planning these has been a huge learning curve and with each video, I am still learning.

Daunting at first I am now really enjoying the making of these.

Plans wise I have enough ideas for a couple of years! Hopefully, this will continue plus with help on ideas from yourself I hope to continue the channel for a long long time.

By the end of the summer I hope to settle down to a distinct posting date, this will probably be on every second Friday.

Enjoy the videos while I am not out and about training 🙁


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